Baby Names

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do in life is come up with a name for our baby. I grew up severely disliking my legal name and I don’t want that for my daughter. It’s so hard trying to come up with a name that isn’t super popular, doesn’t have some kind of nickname we don’t like, has a Greek translation that we both like, and doesn’t remind me of a student that has ruined that particular name for me. 


Now, I really shouldn’t have been surprised that husband and I would have a hard time agreeing on names because we are such opposites, but I still was! We each love names that are hard nos for the other. When we first found out I was pregnant and up until we found out the sex, we were convinced we were having a boy. Surprisingly, we agreed on boy names pretty quickly. Because it was so easy for us to agree on boy names, I wasn’t expecting I to clash so hard on girl names, but we totally did!IMG_2624

We have finally narrowed down to a few names we both like with one in the lead. If you only take away one piece of advice from me, trust me, it should be this: do NOT share your baby name ideas! You may be absolutely in love with a name and tell someone and they will tell you their unfiltered opinion [how much they hate it] and totally ruin it for you. Ultimately, it’s your child and your decision but if you have even one person in your life who is all about expressing their opinion freely and often, it gets in your head and eventually ruins that name that you’ve loved since you started dreaming about starting a family. You may be thinking to yourself, “who cares? It’s our baby and we are going to name her whatever we want!” That’s what I told myself, but when people keep saying how much they dislike/hate the name, you start to think that maybe my kid is going to hate their name too! I really don’t think she would have because, as I mentioned earlier, I grew up hating my name and that’s always at the forefront of any name I consider. After a few people ruined the first name I loved for me, I learned this lesson very quickly and decided, no more. Granted, my husband wasn’t sold on the name either, but it had started to grow on him until we got around those people. So, from then on, we agreed to keep it to ourselves. Everyone will find out Baby G’s name when she gets here and they will love her regardless! 


5 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. We got really lucky the first time around and already had a girls name we both loved even before getting pregnant. The second time around wasn’t so easy 🙄 I’m sure you’ve picked out a beautiful name she’ll love! ❤️

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