Dear Husband,

Those of you who know us, know that the last 12 years have been rocky, to say the least. We tested one another, pushed each other away, and still tend to push each other’s buttons regularly. Somehow, we pushed through all of the bs and became stronger than ever. We’ve learned to talk through our issues instead of fighting through them. We’ve learned how to deal with our many differences and to use those differences to make us stronger as a couple. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our issues and I have zero expectations of ever being a perfect couple, but I am so happy and proud of how far we have come and how we continue to grow and learn how to do life together.

This post serves as a big THANK YOU to my husband for not only putting up with me but also for taking care of me these past 34 weeks of my pregnancy. It’s no secret that I am a hot-tempered, emotional, Greek woman on a good day. Now, imagine all of that awesomeness with the added bonus of pregnancy hormones and little to no sleep [we’ve already discussed my love of sleep in my previous pregnancy post]. Poor Mark! One minute, I am happily joking about something our dog did and the next, I am hysterically crying while throwing clothes that no longer fit me around our bedroom.

So, I just wanted to take the time out to thank you babe for your infinite patience. Thank you for cleaning the house, doing all of the yard work, walking the dog, washing my car, etc. while I nap on the couch. Thank you for calmly dealing with my irrational outbursts. Thank you for telling me I look beautiful when I am crying about ginormous butt. Thank you for sleeping on the couch when I’m sprawled out across our bed because you know I haven’t been sleeping well and you don’t want to wake me up [again, I really, REALLY love sleep]. Thank you for loving me, supporting me, taking care of me, and pushing me to be the best version of myself.

These are just a handful of things that prove that you will be just as amazing as a father. I know I can’t predict where our lives will go from here, but one thing I do know is our daughter is going to be so very lucky to have you, just like I am.


2 thoughts on “Dear Husband,

  1. I’m only 13 weeks and feel like I’m always saying sorry and thank you so much to my boyfriend for everything pre pregnancy and now during pregnancy.

    This was such a sweet post! I’m sure your sweetie feels loved and appreciated!

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